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Kseniya by cocoaspen

The minute I saw this I asked myself "Who is this artist?". And I do have you on my watch list, but I couldn't tell whose artwork this ...

To Spring (from an image by Photoport) by CGPortraitwerks

I chose to write a critique for this drawing because I was impressed by the artwork as a whole and wished to give a helpful opinion on ...

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I was really happy when I was given premium membership. Now I want to be able to help other deviants who deserve it.
Thank you all! :love:

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Honored by the Llama. Extraordinar de frumoase desene si picturi. :)
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 10:46 AM
Love your artwork !!!!!
Sat Oct 11, 2014, 7:40 AM
Thank you for the llama! Your art is so beautiful!
Thu Oct 2, 2014, 5:31 AM
Sat Sep 27, 2014, 10:34 AM
Thanks Miss Regaux. I'm so honored for the llama. Your art is so colorful. I started drawing last year. I have no idea what I'm doing. Yet, I am having fun. You are a beautiful person thanks!
Tue Sep 23, 2014, 4:59 PM


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Request: Morless by Regaux
Request: Morless
Th3d0ux's OC, Morless
A new technique for me... I'm not really used to this kind of paper.
Although I finished it a few months ago I never got the chance to post it.
Here you go~ I hope you like it ^_^ *and I'm sorry for being late~*

watercolor pencils, dry

Himitsu - 1st cover by Regaux
Himitsu - 1st cover
I've finally decided to start with this story to get some exercise in comics. So, yes!, Himitsu is coming out as a comic. I know it's kind of the first time I'm talking about Himitsu, but it was more like a sudden decision. Before talking about it I wanted to make sure I was doing something that's worth looking at. So I'm pausing Tainted for a while, because I want it to be of a really good quality. Since I've never made any comics before, I'm practicing with Himitsu. I've already created a page on Tapastic! :3 So, please, check it out! So far I've only written the plot, but your feedback of any kind would be extremely motivational.
I'm looking forward to your opinions, suggestions and everything else! :hug:

White sin of innocence, black sin of violence by Regaux
White sin of innocence, black sin of violence
Watercolors and acrylics on A4 Canson paper

There was an article about a taxi driver who assaulted a woman, with a picture of her in the hospital attached to it and her lips really made an impact on me... I tried to give the same wounded, inflamed aspect to it.

More from Dying Flora series...

Alison by RegauxHide and seek by Regaux Troublemaker by Regaux

Hide and seek by Regaux
Hide and seek
H i d e  a n d  s e e k ,
        p l a y  w i t h  y o u r  s i n s .  


watercolors on A4 Canson paper

More from Dying Flora series...

Alison by RegauxBroken-hearted by Regaux Troublemaker by Regaux



Regaux's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello! My name is... well, here you can just call me Regaux or if you find it more fun Yuri (since my real name, Iuliana is a bit weird to those who are not Romanian or simply confused to Luliana haha xD nope, it starts with an "i" not a 'L"); I've started drawing when I was in the kinder-garden (at around 6 years old) and never let go of the pencils ever since. I've been through many different styles, more like evolved from cartoon to anime, semi-realism and realism, many themes and mediums and I'm still in search of my own style, the one that people will be able to recognize. It's a hard task, yet something I'm not willing to give up.
What art means to me?... from a child's game it turned into my way of living, something that I can't live without. And I didn't realize it until I've come to know what living without it actually means.
I'm inspired by everything that surrounds me. People say my art is sad, depressing, expressing a broken feeling, violent and so much more... well, feel free to judge that yourself.
Anything else about me... I'm a Japan lover, cat lover, I love to be active yet I don't really like hanging out with friends; still, I'm a good listener and if you need a friend I'm right here :)
I also write books and usually my artworks are based on what I write.

I admire everyone who is brave enough to hold a pencil!

...and I hope you'll enjoy my art! :heart:
You must have a dream... don't we all? Dreaming about it night and day, imagining how it would feel, how it would be when it all comes true. And then you might feel you'll never fail. It's your destiny to become what you wish for, fate must be with you and there's no way you can fail.

What if... you'll fail?

"Too often, the only escape is sleep" - or as I would say: too often, the only escape turns out to be nothing more but a dream in your sleep.


Do you feel imprisoned? I guess you've been plotting your escape for a very long time. Did it turn out well? Did you succeed? Or some kind of unexpected enormous force came out of nowhere and deviated you from the chosen path in such a way you could never get back on track - not without consequences.
If you're still on your way, still working hard, please know this: there will be something strong that will fight you without even realising it. Make thousand of plans B, C, D etc., reach the greek alphabet, get to asian idioms, don't stop until you have enough back-up plans! Because - want me to tell you a secret? - they're never enough. There will be something or someone who will make the impossible happen just in order to stop you. What will you do then?

Speak out loud!

If you have a dream don't keep it a secret! If you truely believe in it and yourself you'll be true to yourself and have no restrains whatsoever in coming clean. Don't avoid speaking up your mind on the matter, it's your future, not theirs - the ones you fear might judge you. If you follow their words and experience rough times because of that ... that will be it; no one will help, they won't even feel sorry. They will slowly turn around and pretend that nothing happened, not because of them. Your time, your life is way more precious than that; you don't deserve such cruelty so be your best friend and trust yourself only. And if there are people who want to help you cherish them, but you do your own work.
Speak up! Do it loudly! Do it in time so that people will know what you're thinking, so that they'll have time to accept it - you don't want you friends to decide what's best for you just because they didn't have enough time to get used to your ideas of future. What people can do to stop you when they think you make a crucial mistake is unbelievable. I know and, trust me, you don't want to know.
Say it to them and to yourself repeatedly: this is what I want and this is what I will do.

Fighting the forces

It is hard to go against the stream. Believing in things the others don't understand. Being the only one of that kind in your family and your circle of friends. Being different is tough. But you don't want to become a puppet. If you did, you wouldn't be still reading this. Did you meet your greatest obstacle? Is it as strong as you expected? It's probably driving you mad, destroying you. Why won't it just leave you alone? But you keep on fighting and fighting and fighting and you know you will succeed. Why? Because you've been working so hard this whole time and you feel this must be the right time for you, the time you get repaid for everything you've been through. It's just natural to defeat it, after all you've thought of so many different situations, got every possible solution for them... you will succeed, you know it.
The truth is... you won't. You might just be in that important moment in your life when time mustn't be wasted, when every step decides your future and influences who you are and will be. At this moment life decides to teach you the importance of loss. Because after such a failure you will be broken and you will never forget it. You will know how it feels like and because of that you'll make sure it doesn't happen again.


Can you still save yourself?

Isn't this what you've been trying to do this whole time? Saving yourself from an unwanted fate? Fighting your destiny? After such a hard time, will you have the courage to go back to square one, to start from scratch? But more importantly: do you have the power and the resources to do that? 
Let's say you don't... not just yet.
Then you must feel finished... by depression, by heart-ache, by the nostalgia of who you might have been; how close you were and how everything just disappeared. Just like that. Like a dream... in sleep.
Set yourself free.
Imagine how you take your mind, your thoughts of any kind, and put them in a box with ice. Now you are allowed to restart thinking the situation. Failure happened. It might be even the greatest failure of your life, the worst year you've ever had to live; all the time you were tired or depressed or simply ill, but you were never fine!
Now breathe. It's over. It's time to rest. Recharge your batteries and start over. What. You weren't planning to give up, were you? Wasn't it your biggest dream we were talking about? The one that will chage everything you are in everything you want and you deserve to be? Are you still afraid of what the others might say?
How about listening to what I have to say:
Their idea of perfect isn't yours, too. If they ever say that you have the perfect future lying right in your hands and you're throwing it away, remember that it's their "perfect". It has nothing to do with you. You have your own "perfect" which already is so, so far away. Don't get delayed by unecessary thoughts. You might have other good oportunities right in front of you, but are they what you want? If not, then what are you waiting for? Start chasing your dream! Get ready this time. You've already tried doing it once and now you know just what you have to do in order to make it easier and to succeed.
If something is hard to get it means it's worth it.

Get a new look!

Shallow? NO! You need it! You're different now, you've changed. You are someone new on the inside and it's time to show it on the outside; and be confident about it! Whatever/Whoever brought you down the first time should be careful because you won't allow it the second time. You will work hard and you will break free.

Be independent!

Just like that. Do things yourself.

And be yourself!

Not a cliché! It's a real thing. Be proud of who you are. It will make you stronger. Know who you are. It will make you almost invincible.

Watch out the next day after your success.


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